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Welcome to Ridgeline!

I hope as you navigate through the website you can find what you're looking for to add more movement, adventures and connection with others. Through your practice with Ari I hope you learn ways to help keep you and your family healthy, happy and hippy! Embrace this connection, learn and give yourself a reason to get outdoors! 


Ridgeline was initially created to spread the knowledge of health in an holistic way. The first 5 years I worked in a world of heartache and pain. At the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center I started my career caring for cancer survivors from day one to the last day of some of their lives. To watch families come in and out of the hospital in hopes for a cure or at least a remedy to relieve the pain was heartbreaking. The fight to survive was REAL. Often times many would see progress, go home optimistic and then a month later they'd return and pass away within a week. As terrible as this experience may have seemed, I was determined to understand the reasoning behind this rather mysterious disease.  I wanted to know why out of all the people in the world why some of the most the stronger people Some of these incredibly strong and resilient people . What I learned through more years of research and experience led me to the realization of 


 walking into my patients room to help them get up, get moving and stay hydrated to help with cancer survivors opened my eyes to what this American heartache from the standard American Diet and sedentary lifestyle can cause. Cancer, congestive heart failure, diabetes, Alzheimers are just few terrible diseases that this "land of the free" promotes. If you've reached this page, you may have experienced this first hand personally through a loved one or yourself.  You may be here because you want change, you want a connection or you want to learn and experience something new. Studies continue to show us the importance of adding more movement, whole foods, sleep and social connections in our lives. Mother Nature can teach us the way of the life - the way of change - and how we can successfully adapt to this forever changing world. There's many obstacles this life brings us and at times can be detrimental to our health and well-being. 

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"I am so thankful to have Ari in my life. She has helped me physically, mentally and has enriched my health and wellness in many ways. She holds me accountable for my daily exercise routines and my healthy lifestyle. My husband saw what exercise and a healthy diet did for me, now he has Ari holding him accountable to help reach his goals. This new healthy lifestyle at our age has given us a new outlook on life! 

The yoga classes that Ari teaches has been a new journey for me. I have learned the benefits it has for my overall well-being. This has been the best commitment I could have done for myself. I feel good at 60+ and I plan to follow through with this healthy me for as long as I live."

—  Anita, Bath NH

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