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Meet Ari

Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach & Outdoor Enthusiast

Hello there!

I’d like to first start by saying how much I love to learn about life and specifically the human mind, body and spirit. It intrigued me most when I found myself lying in a hospital bed at the age of 17 with a diagnosis of May-Thurners Syndrome. At that time, I was young, naive and I was just starting to spread my wings into my adult self. This diagnosis left me scared, frustrated and confused. However, it also stemmed curiosity on how the body works; how life works. I began to further the research by going to Plymouth State University in NH to study exercise physiology. I was a rather “serious” athlete before, so this direction seemed to make the most sense. The other thing is, I’m a true humanitarian at heart. I love to serve others and so that is what I did. 


In 2015 I began a career in the medical field caring for in-patient cancer survivors. It was obvious that my positivity and empathy was my strong suit. After a few years I switched gears in search of something adventurous and fun. That’s when I moved to California (alone) for a couple years and worked for an after school program as a fitness coach and a summer camp co-director. I loved what I did, however I still didn’t feel full. 


While on the west coast, there were plenty of other “lost souls" if you will, like myself who helped me realize exactly what I had a passion for: movement and the mountains! Within a year I was fully engulfed with everything I could possibly hope for and one of those things being yoga. It wasn’t just the sensation of escaping to myself while on my yoga mat, but it was the self-love I gained in the process. The movement, stillness and energy that ran through my body was something I wanted to share with others. In the back of my mind I dreamed of a day where I could run my own business to enlighten others with hope, love and wellness. I furthered to study and research ways to live zestfully and help people do the same. 


I created Ridgeline Health and Fitness in 2020, actually it kind of fell in my lap. I was doing a lot of personal training at the time with many different populations and then, boom Covid hit and I was on my own, jobless. For the last two years I’ve been creating classes, programs and other services based on the ABC technique: alignment, breath and control. I teach proper movement strategies, functional strength and emphasize our top 5 principles for a healthy living: sleep, clean eating, connection, movement and mindset.


Being part of Ridgeline is more about changing how you feel inside ... the outside will come.  The past is forgotten, the future is now and we're all here for each other! On this path I've been giving myself more permission to recover, reflect and let go.  My intuition, my energy and flow is leading the way towards greatest! The people in my life are my biggest supporters, critics and inspiration and as much as I think I'm helping others - I truly know that everyone in one way or another is helping me! Thank you for taking the time to learn more, step out of your comfort zone and open your mind to new things. 


Eat, Sleep, Move & Be Well, 




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"I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel alive and well again!"


"I’ve gotten better results more quickly than in any previous class."


"Her bubbly personality and positive attitude is contagious!"


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