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Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Boost Your Health

After coming across an overwhelming amount of information and updates since the wake of COVID-19, I have crafted this article not to scare you, but educate you on your personal health; Something so vital for our everyday life. With the virus here to top off our already high stress levels, NOW is the time to take control. Yes, like you’ve heard “social-distancing” is the first step to #flattenthecurve. 100% of what we choose to do to protect ourselves should also be applied to how we respond to this outbreak. Stress and anxiety is already something, we humans tend to struggle with EVERYDAY. Let go of the stress by putting yourself into ACTION! No, I don’t mean go to the gym or grocery store to get healthy food (which may be difficult at this time), what I want everyone to understand is it all comes down to the way we treat ourselves. So ask yourself these questions:

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