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Why to invest in a personal trainer?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It's funny I ask this question because I never really believed in personal trainers before I became one. Growing up, my family, who you should know is incredibly traditional, would look at you sideways if you even thought about getting a gym membership. They and I at the time, didn't understand how important it was for the body to move EVERYDAY!

Once I started to study exercise physiology and how the human body moves and survives I realized how incredibly crucial exercise really is. That's when I decided to run! Ok... so most people think "oh run huh? Isn't that bad for your knees?" To this day I run at least 2-5 miles a day. Yes sometimes it's excessive and yes I do feel tired, but that's why personal training is so important! I have learned through the years on how to correctly run, monitor my target HR, weight lifting progression, diet.... Wanna know the real secret? MIX IT UP! Once I paired clean eating with my running, I noticed a change in my energy level and how my muscles recovered. Let me tell you though once I added my personal training specialty of HIIT (high intensity interval training) I SAW the change and felt STRONG! You really need to feed your body with the good stuff, make it work the way it should. Challenge your body to be strong!

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