Welcome to the Ridge!

One of the first things that business calls for is finding your niche, your avatar and "perfect client". After digging into tons of research and outside resources I was hoping they'd say otherwise, but they don't. They'd say something along the lines of: if you want to get a HUGE following and a reputable income be sure to promote only to your crowd.  But stubborn me refuses because Ridgeline is so much more than money and people. It's about self worth and motivation to live a more healthy, zestful and full life! It's for the working class, athletes, older adults, moms, and newbies, alike. Ridgeline does not just favor to one person and that's what makes is so unique and innovative! 


Health should be, in my opinion, priority #1. I've had a fair share of health problems that have belittled me, crush my young heart dreams and put a fear inside me I really didn't understand. However, what got me through these hard times was making myself, my body my first priority. I found new hobbies, I tried new things, I moved to a new state and I let go of what I couldn't control and embraced what I could.  I tell you, there is nothing more defeating than not having control of your own health and fearing the outcome. You don't have to 'run away' from it like I did, but you do need to BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! No two people are alike so how can anyone offer you a service and expect the same result? 


So when it comes to understanding the methods I use, I like to keep things REAL! Functional training is more than just putting a dumbbell in your hand and demanding someone to lift it - it's about putting purpose in every little movement you do! We tend to focus so much of our time and money on things that we can see or the things that speak the loudest like our stomach growling or muscles screaming in pain - if we can uncover some of the underlying causes to your pain the solution may be easier and cheaper than you even realize! 

Check out what we have and if you can't decide or want help to find the right health path for you, schedule your first consultation with me! After our first meeting you'll be in and running to a more fruitful life! Trust me. 

Also, keep in mind that Ridgeline is way more than movement. Life involves your mind, body and spirit and one of the ways to reach that is to connect with nature. So this year we're offering a three day Hike to See Retreat and Day Adventures throughout the year. All to become more in-tune with what the world has to offer us. Find more info below... 


Off to our first Ridgeline Retreat up and over Blueberry Mtn with a 40lb pack! 


First vegetable harvest 2021 at the Little Red Homestead! 


Let's Age Young Together!