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What kind of services are you looking for?

If you made it to this page, it's obvious you want MORE! More information and choices to help improve your health OR maybe you're here to check out what I'm up to. Either way, below you will find my current packages and memberships. I truly believe, especially in times like this we could ALL use a little help to get us through. With that said, let me give you an idea of what each package will provide and my suggestions depending on your goals. 


Step 1

Become a Ridgeline Member:

What does becoming a Ridgeline Member mean exactly? Being a member of Ridgeline Health and Fitness is an amazing opportunity to stay connected with me, Ari and get full access to the member page which includes access to my blog, the recipes page, exercise library, classes and connection with other members.


So, how do you become a member? You have two options: (1) you can subscribe today for $25 a month to access the website OR (2) you can purchase a service (1on1 training, classes or programs) and get the membership for FREE!


Before making your final decision go through ALL of the steps below to make sure you understand the process first.

Step 2

Schedule a Fitness Consultation:

Have you reached out to me yet? If you're new to Ridgeline, and want more information this is exactly where you should start. And actually, it's highly recommended!


Schedule a 30-60 min video call to discuss Ridgeline, your options and health/fitness goals. Also, if you're interested to partake in a FREE fitness assessment this is a great option to take so I know what your baseline is before starting a program with me. This assessment consists of functional movement and postural screenings. Some of the tests you will perform will evaluate your balance, strength and endurance, all of which are optional to you, however highly recommended!


Once completed, you will receive a Fitness Assessment Overview. If you decide to purchase a package or a second session you will receive a welcome letter and a"tune-up" workout to prepare you for your first session!

Step 3

Choose the Right Plan for YOU:

After our initial consultation and (optional) fitness assessment, you'll want to decide what type of service is right for you! Hopefully during our discussion we covered all of your options however, if we didn't, here are your options you can ponder over. 


Option 1: Book 1on1 Training Sessions catered to your goals and schedule. 

Option 2: Sign up for a 10 class pass for online classes or in-person. 

Option 3: Mark your calendar for a specific program that interests you. 

Option 4: Get involved with events and adventures as a group! 

Step 4

Book and Stay Connected

There are many ways to stay connected! I created Ridgeline to help individuals become their best self in a holistic approach. That is why each member will have a different and specific path for them. If you need to lose weight, gain strength, confidence, flexibility or maybe you just need someone to hold you accountable or you want a community to be part of, Ridgeline is here for you! 

As a member, you will get the most updated research-based information to live a healthy life. Please take advantage of the information. Be inspired, and if you have any questions you know I'm here for you! 

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