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Jul 20, 2020 - Jul 30, 2020


  • 11Days
  • 31Steps


Want to feel better, have more energy and trim down your waistline at the same time? Removing refined and added sugar from your diet is for you! There’s no need to count calories or ever be hungry. Instead focus on naturally filling and nourishing foods. Get the encouragement you need to give up your sweet tooth, plus some ideas for healthy alternatives. Every morning @ 7am we will all join a Facebook LIVE call to discuss ways to avoid the refined sugar that likes to cat call us from time to time. This by no means will give you the instant 6 pack abs, however it will make you feel better! PLUS every morning we will do a short 15 min core foundation exercise to help improve posture and strengthen our pelvic floor! Can't wait to do this together! Oh! And you may want to start early by drinking more water and ditching the cupcakes! 😉 See you soon!

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