Individualized for YOU!

No matter where you come from or where you're going, life is way more manageable when you realize how important your mind and body is!  Oh, the things we learn as we age! You have the reigns on your life - I'm just here to lend a helping hand to help you love yourself  a little more everyday! Ridgeline- building YOU from the ground UP!

What is Personal Training at Ridgeline all about?

Personal Training is THE #1 best way to reach your goals at the right pace and with the correct technique. Going individualized means you will work with a trainer (me) for 30-60 minutes to practice the exercises that best suit your needs and wants. 

When it comes down to it,, everyone could use a personal trainer.... We are all guilty of moving incorrectly throughout our day. We all have those bad habits that sometimes leave us dissatisfied and rather frustrated. Believe me, I've been there. Having a health professional come in with fresh eyes to help motivate and inspire us towards GREAT things IS truly priceless!

At Ridgeline my hope is to give you the education and guidance needed to live your best life!  I mean, how can you pass up an opportunity to have a program specific for you, both in a physical and nutritional way?! Contact me if you have any questions or book your 1st fitness consultation and assessment TODAY! 


Private Small Group Training

Alright, so 1 on 1 training is NOT for everyone. And yes, it can be intimidating especially when you're first starting out. I totally understand. Not to worry though!


At Ridgeline I love to give members the option to join with a workout buddy (no more than 3)! While still getting the personalized feel and customized programming, you now add more fun with a familiar face! Whether it's with your best friend(s) or significant other, this is a fantastic way to hold each other accountable and push each other through the workouts! 

These 45-60 minute sessions are customized to everyone in the group and formatted in a circuit-type style depending on your abilities and functional movement. 

Schedule your first fitness assessment to get started!! (Found at the bottom of this page). Pricing varies for small group training, so contact me for more information!